Her Story

Amanda L. Moss, M. Ed

She is married to the love of her life, Dr. Jeremiah W. Moss. They have three wonderful children,

Jeremiah “Wade” Moss, Jr., Madilynn L. Moss, and Kathryn E. Moss.


     Amanda is the Chief Operations Officer and Worship Pastor of Life Church in Nacogdoches, Texas, as well as COO of  J.W. Moss Ministries.   With over seventeen years of ministry experience, she is highly recognized

as an effective public speaker, vocalist, teacher, and leader. 

     Amanda and Jeremiah value Gen. 12:3 and Acts 1:8, and have devoted their lives to be a witness, first in Jerusalem.  They have working relationships in Israel where they plant olive trees in the Kidron Valley, the Negev desert and on IDF Military Bases.  Their ministry supports Holocaust survivors and provides humanitarian aid  across the globe.  Pastors Jeremiah and Amanda started Life Home, an orphanage in Tenali, India, where they

adopted twenty-four children.  Their ministry has organized and been a part of  ten global crusades in India,

Nicaragua, and the U.S.A. Since  2013, there has been over 25,000 people come to Christ.  














     Amanda attended East Texas Baptist University,  Stephen F. Austin State University, University of Phoenix 

San Antonio, and Life Christian University.  She has   earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Master’s in Educational Administration, Principal Certification, Bachelor of Theology and an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership from Gilgal Theological Seminary.

     Amanda Moss has been a school teacher in the public education system for ten years.  She also served as an administrator for a private Christian Academy.  Amanda has a passion for educating and empowering the next

generation for success. 

     On April 8, 2017, their family had a life changing experience.  Amanda and Jeremiah were traveling from a speaking event when a car from the oncoming traffic crossed over into their lane. They struck the car head on at 75 MPH.  Their vehicle immediately engulfed into flames.  Amazingly, they both survived the accident, but with severe injuries.  Amanda was told she would never walk due to the major damage done to both feet.  However, they put their faith in Jesus and stood firm on the Word of God.  Through the pain, she

stayed focused and determined. Amanda’s faith was demonstrated, and miraculously, she began to walk in less than four months. 









What the enemy meant for harm God turned to good.  She now travels and speaks at women conferences and various events. Her testimony has inspired many and helped thousands put their faith in God’s Word.  With every breath her desire is to MAKE HIS NAME GREAT.  She is what most refer to as a modern-day miracle.

     This one event has given the inspiration and motivation for Amanda to accomplish her dream.  She has always wanted to design clothing that would inspire women to put their faith in God and feel beautiful--even in a t-shirt!  It was HIS WORD that helped her overcome and increase Her Faith.  What better time to step out on faith than now.  It’s been said, “Confidence is the proof of our breakthrough.”  Amanda Moss Designs is a true testimony that God isn’t done with her yet!  She has a tremendous gift for presentation, an eye for fashion, and with her spirit of excellence she is helping women around the world grow in confidence and success.  



Amanda and her family thank you for your prayers and support.  With every purchase, you are partnering

with them in blessing Israel, global evangelism, and Making His Name Great. 




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